Pre Primary

The first three to six years play a vital role in shaping a child’s personality; their physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. Our curriculum and activities for Preprimary ensure all theses aspects are addressed.

The Playschool is set in the lap of nature’s bounty, spacious airy classrooms. It has a separate play area fully equipped with toys, learning aids and apparatus to help the little children develop their fine motor and gross motor skills.


In keeping with the overall development of the child daily activities are conducted for the children for the development of finger movements and eye-hand movements.

Thrice a week the children are taken to the Music Room, where they learn new Hymns and action songs.

The children are taken for Nature Walk in our campus where they are encouraged to observe the different shapes, sizes and colors of flowers and trees. They listen to the chirping of the birds and rustling of trees.

They are told Nursery Rhymes & Stories and are encouraged to converse in good English. A number of indoor and outdoor activities are held along with Elocution, Fancy Dress Competition, Sports Day and participation in various other programmes.

Each day at Playschool ends with a lot of hugs, kisses and goodbyes with children looking forward to coming back the next day.

Timings: 9.00a.m to 12.00 Noon. AGE BRACKET: 2.5 years to 3.5years of age.

NURSERY: The CURRICULUM is designed to enhance a child’s natural instincts to question, discover, investigate and participate in his immediate environment. We ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere where each child is given individual attention, care and security.

Planned learning is based around activities like Painting, Sand Play, Organized Play, Music, Song and Games.

  • +Art & Craft: Finger Painting, Vegetable Painting, Clay Modeling, Collage, Paper Tearing/ Crushing/ Twisting.
  • + Competitions: Recitation, Colouring, Drawing & Clay Modeling.
  • +Stories & Dramas: Nativity Play, Variety Entertainment Programme.
  • + Singing, Music and Rhythmic Movement: Singing Classes thrice a week where they can even dance.
  • + Physical Development: A play area is provided where children are encouraged to develop their gross motor skills and simultaneously build up their confidence and independence.
  • +Sports Day: Drill and novelty races.
  • + Mental & Cognitive Development: Number Activities, Construction Apparatus in the form of many colorful toys (Educational) Building blocks, Rings, Threading beads, Shape Sorters, Color Sorters, Puzzles to enhance reasoning and thinking.
  • +Social Development: We provide a range of activities to develop Speaking and Listening Skills. Through activities such as,
    ‘Circle Time’- children learn to Socialize, mingle, appreciate each other and listen to each other.
    ‘Playtime’- Through Play children develop their imagination and communication skills.
    Audio Visual Room is provided where learning becomes more clear through watching and listening.
  • +Spiritual Development: Children are made to appreciate the Creator in the form of prayer, worship and song every morning during Assembly. Respect for the Nation is inculcated in the students by the singing of the National Anthem.
  • +Parental Involvement: Parents are free to enquire on their child’s progress and even avail of our School Counselors help whenever required; they are encouraged to participate in Open Houses which are regularly held.
  • Timings: 9.00a.m to 12.00 Noon. AGE BRACKET: 3.5 years to 4.5years of age.


Phonetics, Reading and Writing Skills, Number Work, Environmental Studies and Hindi. Recitation & Rhymes. Music and Nature Walks. Designated Play Area and toys. Circle Time & Games twice a week. Craft and Arts.

Timings: 8.00a.m to 1.00 Noon. AGE BRACKET: 4.5 years to 5.5years of age.